Travel Packing List  - What To Pack for a Fitness Holiday

Whether you have booked your dream fitness holiday or plan to keep in shape while you travel, you'll soon be faced with that pre-holiday nightmare... packing! This isn’t quite the standard holiday where all you need is your swimwear and a few t-shirts. To avoid arriving at your destination underprepared, follow our guide to packing for a fitness holiday. 

Once you have packed your travel essentials, this checklist has everything you need for your healthy holiday.


Athletic Gear

Pack light layered and breathable clothing for exercising in the heat. Consider what type of clothing is appropriate for the activity. For a running holiday, athlectic shorts, leggings, sports top, sports bra and breathable socks will be required. For yoga, read what to pack for a yoga holiday.




Depending on what type of fitness you are doing, you will need the right footwear to support you in your activities. If you plan to experience different activites, such as cycling and running, you may need different shoes for each. Don’t forget your flip-flops for when you relax by the pool or beach.


Sports Armband and Headphones

Stay motivated during workouts by listening to your favourite upbeat music. Pack a sports armband and headphones. Or choose a super slim running belt which will use minimal space in your bag.

TIP: Create a ‘workout’ playlist of your favourite music before you travel.


Headband / Sweatbands

Prevent sweat dripping into your eyes during exercise, pack a headband with sweat wicking ability.


Travel Towel

Not every hotel/hostel will provide free towels. Travel towels are designed to take up less space in your bag than a standard towel.




Don't let sunburn ruin your trip. Pack sunscreen to protect your skin from burning and ageing. 



When enjoying the views with outdoor fitness activities, make sure you protect your eyes from the UV rays. 


Alarm Clock

Your fitness programme may involve you getting up in the early hours. Make sure you don’t miss any of your workouts and remember to bring your alarm. Your smart phone will be fine.


Energy Snacks


Pick up some bananas and nuts from a local market when you reach your destination. Or bring your favourite healthy snacks to feed your energy levels. 


Reusable Water Bottle

Remember to take water to every session to stay hydrated! Plastic bottles in some countries contain higher levels of chemicals deemed unsafe by EU and US standards, so should not be re-used in warm temperatures. Pack a re-usable water bottle.


Other Clothing

You won’t be exercising all the time, so bring some casual clothing to change into after an active day. You may also want to pack some nice evening wear.


Swim Wear


After an active day, it's nice to cool off in the pool, so don’t forget your swimwear. Whether you enjoy listening to music by the pool or reading a book, bring something to relax with.



Although you should follow a healthy and balanced diet, supplements such as protein will increase your energy levels, as well as aid muscle repair and recovery. Pack your favourite protein bars. Alternatively, Creatine provides energy and helps muscle growth and performance. 


Fitness Journal

Keeping a fitness journal can inspire and motivate you when you need some focus. Read back on your previous performance, if you did it then you can do it now.

Have you been on a fitness holiday? What did you forget to pack?




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