Do you start each year with positive fitness goals which unravel after just a few weeks? Exercise can be boring and repetitive, which is why so many of us slip back into old habits. We believe a healthy lifestyle should be enjoyable. From new fitness trends to irrisistable, nutritious cuisine and action-fuelled activities from around the world, we will inspire you to be the best the best version of you without compromising on fun. 




Whether it's trail running admist beautiful scenery, learning to salsa or playing badminton with friends,  discovering something you love is a great way to stay motivated towards achieving your goals. Stay active, have fun and liven up your exercise routine with fun activites and fitness trends found in our blog.




Whether it's for business, holiday or an around the world trip, at some point in our lives we all travel. Treadmills, weight machines and spin classes are a great form of exercise, but you may not have access to these facilities at the destination you're travelling to. Stay healthy at home and away with exercises you can do anywhere and fitness trends from around the world.




For many people, eating healthy conjures up images of plain vegetables, zero carbs and bland tasting meals. But cutting out entire food groups can deprive the body of essential nutrients. By cooking smartly and using the right ingredients, you can sustain a healthy diet, with flavours your taste buds will lust for. Follow our blog for healthy and delicious cuisine your waist line and palate will love.


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Stuart Murray is the co-founder of RevereSport with a passion for all things travel and fitness. He likes to share his training routines from around the world, to inspire others to experience new adventures and keep in shape along the way.

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