Running on pavements and roads alongside high-rise buildings will never beat the feeling of racing through streams and canyons in the wilderness. Or having mountains, forestry or rolling green fields as your scenery. If you want to see how far you can run then check out the world's most beautiful marathons.


12 of the Most Beaufiful Marathons in The World


1) Nepal Impact Marathon

In November, daring runners will combine adventure travel with their favourite sport by taking part in Nepal’s Impact Marathon. Set admits the highest mountain ranges in the world and more of an adventure than a race, you will be jumping over boulders, clambering over rocks and crossing waterfalls. Pass by Sherpa villages and Buddhist monasteries with spectacular views of the Himalayas along the way. Before or after the race, you will have time to visit the projects you've fundraised for and get involved in a community project.



2) Patagonian International Marathon, Chile 

The jaw dropping scenery of Patagonia’s Torres del Plaine needs no introduction and is home to the Patagonian International Marathon, which takes place in September. People from all over the world come to take part in this race. Although a challenging route, runners are rewarded with spectacular views of snow-capped mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls, glaciers and mirrored lakes.


3) Inca Trail Marathon, Cusco, Peru.

Fancy visiting Machu Picchu while challenging yourself athletically? Elevated at over 3100m, you’ll be running on rocky mountain trails with spectacular views of Inca ruins and towering cloud covered mountain passes. The package is more of an organised tour rather than a traditional race which includes site entrance fees, meals, accommodation and ground transportation in the price. Participants will spend 2 days exploring Machu Picchu after the race before taking a train back to the beautiful and historic town of Cusco.



4) Safaricom Marathon, Kenya

Safaricom Marathon is more than just the scenery and the race. This unique marathon combines fund raising with Kenya’s greatest sporting passion - participants run to protect Africa’s endangered wildlife from extinction. It takes place at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy where thousands of people race through the savannah alongside zebras, elephants and giraffes. The conservancy sits at a high altitude of 5,500 feet making breathing difficult. Running under the shadow of Mount Kenya is enough to make up for the challenge of this race.


5) The Great Wall of China Marathon, China

If visiting the Great Wall of China isn’t already on your bucket list then racing on it should be! In May, adventurous runners can take a trip through living history by taking part in the Great Wall Marathon in the Tianjin province in China. Tackle sharp uphill and downhill sections and 5164 steps reaching up to 300m high, with rugged mountains and surrounding Chinese villages as your backdrop. Experience unforgettable views of the wall with the local community cheering you as you pass by.



6) Fujisan Marathon, Japan

The Fujisan Marathon in Japan takes place each November which is located approximately 2 hours outside of Tokyo. Temperatures at this time of year are crisp around Mount Fuji, making comfortable conditions for completing this race. The mountain climb will increase the intensity but runners will favour the incredible views of Autumn coloured trees, beautiful blue lakes and of course the iconic mountain itself.


7) Bagan Temple Marathon, Myanmar

If running is your meditation then what better experience than racing through the ancient temple city of Bagan? Home to 2200 pagodas, the majestic Buddhist temples and glittering flooded rice fields create a magnificent landscape. The dusty route passes by golden stupas and through sleepy Burmese villages. Runners who aren’t used to the heat may find this challenging, with average temperatures of 31 degrees when the race takes place in November.



8) Marathon of the Midnight Sun, Norway

Going from one extreme temperature to the next is the Marathon of the Midnight Sun in Norway. This is one of the most northerly marathons in the world, located close to the Arctic Circle. The race usually begins at 8pm in the evening, making the most of their long light days in June while the sun remains low in the sky. Running across the Tromsø Bridge during the race showcases the sweeping views of the town and its icy white surroundings of crystal clear lakes and snow-capped mountains.


9) The Jungle Marathon, Brazil Amazon Rainforest

Looking to step up the challenge? This has been named as the world’s toughest endurance race. Competitors begin the marathon from the jungle base camp accessible by an overnight boat ride. From there they race through dangerous river crossings, knee-deep mud and contend with thousands of mosquitos along the way. With temperatures up to 40 degrees, 90% humidity and up to 180 inches of rainfall, the conditions alone make this marathon extremely challenging to complete. The jungle is home to spiders, anacondas, piranhas and Caimans.



10) Two Oceans Marathon, South Africa

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, The Two Oceans Marathon is actually a 35-mile ultra-race and is one of the most popular in the world. The race takes you along the coast of Cape Town, with the highlight being Chapmans’ Peak which is considered the most scenic coastline in South Africa. The name ‘Two Oceans Marathon’ comes from the fact that competitors run along both the Indian and Atlantic Ocean. There is also a half marathon held in Easter, Trail runs (24km and 12km), Fun Runs (5.6km) and Mini Marathons.


11) Australian Outback Marathon, Australia

This truly unique running experience takes place in July across the red earth of the Australian outback in Yulara. Take in the sacred sites of the Aboriginal people while running through the bush, including the iconic rock formations of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Nature lovers can catch a glimpse of Australian wildlife, while adventure seekers can take part in discovery tours and fitness events arranged by the race organisers before and after the big day.



12) Jungfrau Marathon, Switzerland 

This challenging and mostly uphill endurance race takes place in September and finishes almost two kilometers higher than the starting point. This race compensates for its challenge with breath taking views of Switzerland’s Alpine nature.  Experience the astounding Eiger Glacier and stunning snow-capped mountains of the Bernese Alps.



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