9 Fun Tips For Running On Holiday

So, you’re on holiday or about to embark on a big adventure. You like to run when you're home and enjoy keeping in shape. But now you’re there, how easy is it to stay motivated?  Jetlag, a change in routine and alcohol can make you feel tired and sluggish.

To help keep your fitness levels high, here are 9 fun tips for running on holiday.


1)  Pack the Right Gear

It's unlikely you're going to run in your flip flops if you haven’t packed your running shoes,  I wouldn’t recommend it either. Check out what to pack for a fitness holiday.


2)  Find a Running Buddy

Whether it’s your husband, wife, partner, friend or your kids then team up together. If you’re travelling alone, this is a great opportunity to meet new people. Research local running clubs or ask other guests in your hotel to join you. Leave a notice in the reception area with ‘Running Partner Wanted’, along with your contact details. 

If you've agreed a time with your running buddy, you're less likely to back out (you'll be letting someone else down if you do).


3) Discover Scenic Running Trails


Research the best running trails in the area. Whether it's a National Park, a scenic lake, caves or a waterfall, running to reach the viewpoint will keep you motivated with the bonus of burning calories on the way.

This will enhance your holiday, allowing you to see the best of the area. Running to a new place each day will keep it interesting and could turn out to be the highlight of your trip.


4)  Set a Motivational Alarm 

Set an alarm that will get you out of bed in the morning. It could be something humourous, motivational or your favourite upbeat song. 

Get up straight away and don’t press the snooze button. If you’re really bad at getting up in the mornings then set the alarm 20 minutes earlier to give yourself extra time time to wake up.


5)  Create a Running Schedule – Get An App

Create a holiday running schedule to include a timetable and route with targets and goals you want to achieve. Familiarise yourself with the route beforehand. Read a map or take a copy of the page from your guide book. Getting lost on a run can be demotivating.

Keep the schedule somewhere visible. Cross off each run or task as you complete it. Or download an app which will do all of this for you. MapMyRun allows you to create a training plan and track your progress.


6)  Mix up your Training

A new destination is an opportunity to mix up your training and strengthen different muscles. Mountainous regions are great for trail running. Running trails that head uphill or down will build your cardiovascular engine and strengthen quads, glutes, calves, and core. Running on the beach increases the amount of calories you burn. Your body burns more energy on uneven surfaces to keep you stabilised. 


7) Use the Weather to your Advantage


If the weather isn’t great you can use this to your advantage. It can be challenging to run in the heat so if it’s cool and overcast this could be the perfect condition to go running. If you’re visiting a cold destination, you’ll often find clear days with blue skies, even if it feels crisp outside. If your destination is extremely hot, then run early morning or evenings when the temperature is cooler. Catching the sunrise or sunset will enhance the experience.


8) Cool Down with a Dip

Nothing beats a dip in the water to cool down after you've worked up a sweat. Finish your run near the sea, lake, waterfall or the hotel swimming pool.


9)  Find a Gym and Go for it on the Treadmill

If your destination does not offer suitable running conditions then find your nearest gym and hit it out on the treadmill. Use your hotel onsite facilities or visit the local gym. After your workout you can reward yourself with a relax in the sauna or jacuzzi.


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