Top Fitness Holidays for this Summer

Do you love fitness and travel? A fitness holiday will not only appease your wanderlust but will also help you unwind, get fit and tone up under stress-free conditions away from the bustle of your local gym.  Depending on the workouts and detoxes you have in mind, you can choose a location to exercise, get rested, improve your health and nutrition, have fun and explore great sites all in one holiday! Here are some of the best fitness holidays of 2017.


The Body Camp - Ibiza

The Body Camp offers a great fitness retreat, a holiday in Ibiza where group workouts such as circuits, aerobics, boxing, Swiss ball, running, stretching and swimming activities are targeted at building endurance, losing weight and toning up. All the while you get to enjoy the awe-inspiring beaches, nightlife and restaurants of Ibiza.


Soul & Surf - India and Sri Lanka

For the yoga enthusiasts and the surfers, this holiday is a rare treat that combines yoga and surf. You get to reap the toning, flexibility and relaxing health benefits of both exercises. Soul and Surf offers a cool and laid back vibe where you can have fun, keep in shape and meet like-minded people. The soul pacifying center also offers barbeques, outdoor cinema and when you need it, a soothing swing from a hammock.


Wildfitness - Zanzibar


The wild beauty of Africa is emphasised in this fitness holiday which is located in Zanzibar, the jewel of Tanzania. Wildfitness offers outdoor fitness climbing, running, boxing, jumping, swimming, balancing and throwing. With great packages included such as healthy food, massages and the relaxing atmosphere away from city life, you can focus on fitness, nutrition and having lots of fun. 


The BodyHoliday – St Lucia

Ever thought of having a DNA analysis to determine which fitness best suits you? The BodyHoliday BodyScience medical spa in St Lucia is happy to oblige you. Within a tropical paradise, the DNA analysis determines the best schedule specific to your health and fitness needs and embarks you on it. Besides, the spa treatments you will pamper you to a great level of relaxation!  The fitness holiday center is an all-inclusive 5 star resort that offers personal training sessions, group classes, sailing, tennis, scuba diving, mountain biking, hiking and spa treatments.


COMO Shambala Fitness Estate - Bali, Indonesia 

COMO Shambhala Estate is located near Ubud, Bali—a true ‘Retreat for Change’ with resident experts including a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic doctor and resident dietician. The fitness retreat center offers guided hikes, yoga and a jungle gym. Here you can exercise in the midst of great surroundings and beautiful settings making your holiday a satisfying combination of fitness and relaxation.


Chiva-Som Health Resort - Hua Hin, Thailand

Chiva-Som’s Sustainable Slimming retreat is targeted at helping you lose weight in a healthy controlled manner. They offer packages including fitness packages, sustainable slimming packages, optimal performance packages and tension release packages among others. With experienced physiotherapists and culinary teams trained on how to sustain your weight loss beyond the great holiday, you get to experience weight loss in beautiful surroundings.


Zighy Bay - Oman


If you like adventure, then the mountains and desert of Oman are a great option. With village-style accommodations and the beach of Zighy Bay, Six Senses resort offers adventure fitness activities such as rock climbing, paragliding and biking.


Florblanca - Costa Rica

Tailored for people who like a touch of adventure and fun in their fitness holidays, the Florblanca resort is a great place to go horse-riding, surfing, mountain biking, zip lining and hiking as well as indulge in beach yoga and Pilates.


Thanyapura Sports Resort – Phuket, Thailand

Regarded as one of Asia’s premier sports resorts and catering to athletes of all fitness levels, the resort offers an opportunity to get fit through Muay Thai, swimming, running, cycling, mind training, nutritional advice with numerous sports facilities available. These include tennis, football and athletics tracks all in a serene environment.

Red Mountain resort - Utah

The picturesque Red Mountain resort is a great place to take slimming mountain walks and experience the world of tai chi, circuits, kickboxing and aqua strength. They offer guided hikes and fitness classes to make sure you gain according to your fitness goals with time to relax and enjoy your holiday.



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