What To Pack For a Yoga Holiday


Don't know what to pack for your yoga holiday? You've come to the right place. I have put together a list of everything you will need.

There are no strict rules but the primary goal is to feel comfortable. Think about some of the bending and stretching you will be doing and some of the typical yoga asanas (poses/postures) you may have practiced or seen before.

If you are completely new to yoga, here is a link to some asanas you can expect. This will give you an idea on what type of clothing will be appropriate. Don’t worry if you have never practiced yoga beforemost centres cater for all levels including beginner to advanced. If you’re unsure, contact the Yoga Centre prior to your trip. Remember, yoga isn't about learning touching your toes, it's about what you learned on the way down.

After packing the essentials, it’s time to pack for yoga!




The Ultimate Yoga Travel Packing List

Here is my ultimate packing list for a 1 week yoga retreat based in a warm climate. You can adjust this accordingly if your trip is longer or shorter. 

Yoga Mat

Most studios / schools provide yoga mats but there’s no guarantee that one will be clean and ready to use. If you’re conscious of hygiene and other people’s sweat (some yoga classes are more aerobic than others) then bring your own yoga mat. They’re inexpensive to buy and can be a great investment if you plan to practise regularly. 

Bringing your own yoga mat will give you the freedom to practice anywhere. If you are travelling for a long period, practising yoga on the beach instead of attending regular classes will save you money.

TIP: Non-slip yoga mats are recommended if you are travelling to warm, humid climates. They will prevent you from slipping around on your mat if you sweat during exercise. 

Yoga Mat Wipes

Pack some wipes to give your yoga mat a clean at the end of day. You can also use them for a quick freshen up if you don’t have time to shower straight after class.

Travel Towel / Yoga Towel

Not all accommodation provide free towels. Pack a travel towel or yoga towel which can be used in class or for showering.

Yoga Pants

2 – 3 pairs of yoga pants for classes and travel days (flights, trains and buses). 

TIP: If you're travelling to South Asia, you can purchase yoga/hareem pants there for an affordable price.

Athletic Shorts

1 pair of athletic shorts. Sometimes it's too warm for long yoga pants.


1 pair of long black leggings for layering on cool evenings and to wear on travel days.

Sleeveless Tops

3-4 yoga tops. Vests, tank tops or breathable athletic tops. 

Other T-shirts

2-3 tops for travel days and evenings.



Sports Bra 

1 - 2 sports bras for yoga classes.

Other Underwear

Regular bra and essential underwear.


Climate appropriate sleepwear.

Shawl / Scarf / Poncho

1 shawl, scarf or poncho to throw over your shoulders during chilly, early morning yoga classes. This will also keep you warm on air conditioned night buses and trains. 

Lightweight long sleeved top 

1 lightweight long sleeve top for layering. 

Lightweight rain jacket

1 lightweight rain jacket. 




2 yoga headbands to hold your hair from your face and sweat from your eyes. Choose a material with sweat wicking ability.

TIP: Yoga headbands are a great accessory to hide unwashed hair. They can also add style to your outfit.

Hair Ties / Grips / Bobbles / Scrunchies

Pack plenty to tie your hair back.

Swimwear, Beach Towel and Beach Cover Up 

2 bikinis or swimming costumes, 1 beach towel and 1 beach cover up (sarong, kaftan or dress). 


A high factor suncream is recommended for warm climates.

Maxi Skirts and Dresses

2-3 maxi skirts or dresses. These look great for daytime and evening. If you're going out for a meal or drinks with your new yogi friends, simply add jewellery to dress up your outfit. 


Jewellery is not required or recommended when practising yoga but can be used to dress up an evening outfit. 

TIP:  It may be cheaper to purchase jewellery in the destination you are travelling to so this is your chance to put your haggling skills into practice. 




1 pair of flip flops or slip on shoes to wear to and from yoga class. Choose a pair that can be worn in the evenings to save you packing several pairs. 

Travel Wash

1 bottle of travel wash to hand wash small items of clothing when required. 100ml bottles can be carried in your hand luggage, leaving more room in your main bag for essentials or souvenirs. 


Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, deodorant, make up remover/face wipes, moisturiser and hair removal (razor, wax strips etc)

TIP: Avoid packing excessively. Toiletries will be the heaviest items you carry. If you can manage without it then don't pack it.

Make Up

Keep it minimal. Mascara, concealer & lip balm should be all you need.

Energy Snacks

You will definitely work up an appetite. Protein bars and nuts will give you a boost of energy in between set meal times. 


Early yoga classes could begin when it's still dark outside. Depending on your destination, there could also be lots of power cuts. A headtorch will come in useful. 

Immodium and Rehydration Salts

If you are travelling to a destination where food hygiene standards aren't the same as what you're accustomed to then its wise to pack some immodium and re-hydration salts. The last thing you need is a toilet break interrupting your yoga class. 

Multi Vitamins

A number of yoga schools and retreats provide vegetarian and vegan meals. Although certain vegetables contain iron, having some vitamins with iron will prevent any deficiencies. A lack of iron can make you feel sleepy.


Have you been on a yoga holiday? What did you forget to  pack?


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